Contract Locating

The contract locator needs to be accurate to locate buried utilities with speed and accuracy while being confident each time they put paint on the ground to identify the location of a buried utility. Each day more utilities are buried next to and possibly on top of already existing utilities. Some buried utilities may share a common ground which can make distinguishing one utility from the other almost impossible.

The current challenges

Vivax-Metrotech offers locators that are easy use so new operators can be trained on how to get the get the best out of the locator. The vLoc series locators are multiple frequencies locators offering the user a selection of frequencies to use in different situations on different utilities. The VM series are single or dual frequency aimed at either a high of low frequency allowing the user to choose a low frequency for distance or high frequency for induction and high resistance larger diameter utilities.

Our Solutions

The Locator range from Vivax-Metrotech allows the user to:
  • Range of both high and low frequencies
  • See continuous depth or current while tracing
  • Transmit multiple frequencies at the same time
  • Direct connect, induce or clamp around a utility
  • Modes to use in congested areas